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Mitch&Mates offers a broad range of products:

Sign Up

A solution for decentralising the patient login process via a kiosk and even opening this up to mobile devices. Sign-up operates separately from the existing systems and goes way beyond what legacy systems offer in terms of ‘login' features. Our solution also perfectly lends itself to provide support with 'routing' the patient based on appointment details

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Safe Surgery

A solution that supports the various steps and challenges before, during and after surgery in relation to quality assurance. This App offers an all-in solution that supports the entire surgical process. Surgery Safety enables collaboration in this area and transcends existing systems. This application ensures crucial quality monitoring every step of the way, with check lists for the various employees, and also regulates authorisations and access to the relevant data.

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This point solution allows for home monitoring of patients to be implemented, based on specific parameters. The solution is already being used to enable the complex business of monitoring pregnant women with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia (poisoning during pregnancy). The solution consists of an application to gather data via a portal, a touch point for the doctor to supplement the data entered, assess the risk and establish a measurement plan, and a mobile app for the expectant mother to supply measurements based on notifications which are tracked by the physicians by way of a dashboard.

In Touch

The above business applications are further developed all the way into the patient’s home, where applicable. At the end of 2015, the finishing touches were made to a portal which provides access to questionnaires and other vertical solutions such as an EPD viewer and an appointments module. As a product, the portal holds the relevant horizontal features (user-management with the option of external identity provider, content management and so on) and also allows customers to make their own business applications accessible to users.

Progress & more

Monitoring progress of surgery suites and outpatient clinics. The dashboard provides the information required for real-time monitoring and much more. Here too, we refuse to be held back by limitations in the legacy systems and go the extra mile in terms of registering and opening up data for the relevant teams. Alongside the dashboard, we also enable these data to be consulted securely by employees at home by way of a mobile app.


The solution for administering and organising patient questionnaires, integrated end-to-end with the hospital systems and simultaneously greatly adaptable to the process needs and work flows within the various departments.

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Assesment & more

Based on the awareness that employees too face an everyday struggle with the universal superabundance of forms and questionnaires on a daily basis, Assessment allows users to deal with this document flow through various front-end technologies. Whether it's about case histories or an EWS score with the necessary alarms based on impending accreditation, or further concrete details to be added in the context of emergencies with respect to the triage issue.

Or perhaps your hospital needs a specific documentation system, e.g. Cardio Vascular Risk Management and you are coming up against the limitations of your HIS/EPD? We can resolve this too, with our point solution.

Just one example of what Assessment can do for you is the Emergency assessment: this solution supports the triage workflow in an Accident & Emergency context. With an integrated decision-tree based on models to be chosen by the customer (e.g. Manchester Triage) and risk assessment (KPIs to be determined), Emergency Triage provides integrated control of the process and the expected lead times after dashboard registration.

Order & more

Based on the Mitch&Mates architecture, we are currently putting the finishing touch to a solution for tackling the universal issue of order management in a duly streamlined manner in a way that transcends the underlying systems. This enables hospitals to organise order entry (CPOE) as well as the relevant notifications in-house. For the same investment, you can also tender the order to your referrers, in consideration of the specific challenges this involves.

Our roadmap also includes a module for tackling the specific PRE-ANALYSIS needs in relation to patient identification, sample labelling and the allocation of duties, based on our philosophy.


Electronic Patient Record: we are also planning an system-independent add-on for mobile access to the (V)EPR. More news to follow soon.