"We want to the best-friends with hospital IT departments"

How was Mitch&Mates created?

Yannic Sterken: "Over the years, we have racked up a wealth of expertise in contemporary care systems and, more importantly, with the functional and integral shortcomings of contemporary care systems and the elements that are not as user-friendly as they could be. Based on this experience, we started out engineering solutions to close the functional gaps or the missing links in existing systems. Our ambition is not to replace existing systems, merely to enrich and refine them. Mitch&Mates has its own vision of where information systems should be headed to in the future. A little off-the-wall at times perhaps, but always forward-thinking and with our focus firmly on the end-user in the healthcare sector."

Filip Bollen: “Our solutions are primarily geared towards patient empowerment and mobility, by which we mean to provide our customers with a sustainable response that lends impetus to engage in actual collaboration, in amongst other parties with the new stakeholders and not least with patients, without being hampered by the existing IT landscape. We are great believers in sustainable architecture and standardised technology - challenges we take on with a 'product' mindset. This was our launchpad when we started building a middleware environment in 2012 based on an extremely advanced and layered SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept, followed by a number of solutions."

You developed your own platform…?

"That’s right. The Mitch&Mates Conductor is the platform on which our solutions run. The Conductor (middleware) is draped across existing hospital systems as it were, and effects the exchange of data in a standardised manner. The Conductor delivers an alternative way to allow data from the various hospital information systems (ZIS, RIS, LIS, etc.) to be accessed, whereby the relevant information, which is available to be consulted or edited, is then centrally tendered to the end-user (e.g. via a mobile device, web-apps, portals,…).

At all times, the jump-off pad is the alternative opening-up of data and applications, functional supplements, collaboration, workflow and extramural communication. We are great believers in the notion that these kinds of challenges are feasible and affordable only if they are contained in a product which is based on standards and which pursues openness and the recovery of work previously performed."

What are the benefits of the Conductor?

"The Conductor strengthens existing architecture and permits flexible handling of intra and extramural challenges (e.g. questionnaires for patients, orders and referrals). The Conductor ensures that hospitals are able to phase out outmoded systems at their own pace, through the implementation of specific, new needs on our platform. And without this resulting in sunk investments. The best solutions retain their raison d'etre even if the hospital implements a new system or EPD. "

Mitch&Mates growing rapidly?

"Yes it is! In mid-2012, we went to the Medical Centre at Maastricht University to sell our first products. The MUMC+ was extremely interested in our architecture, products and product development philosophy. The interest from the MUMC+ led to various conversations with the ultimate aim of setting up a joint company. The aim of this joint limited company is to develop products for the healthcare market, in the broadest sense of the word.

In May 2014, the company was incorporated under the moniker of 'HealthInnovator'. The MUMC+ and Mitch&Mates each own a 50% stake in HealthInnovator BV. Mitch&Mates is the exclusive international distributor of the products and supplies the services. The IP lies within HealthInnovator BV. In August 2013, we hired our first three employees. We now have fifteen friends.

Will you be moving into the market further, based on your collaboration with MUMC+?

"Our products and services are ready for swift roll-out. Our solutions have proven their use and we have our first successful cases and customers. In addition to The Netherlands, we also want to break into Flanders. We are expanding at our own pace. In all that we do, quality and good service remain our two top priorities, which we keep a close eye on at all times."

You have developed your own vision of the Healthcare market, can you explain?

"We want to be part of an evolution that sparks a revolution in Healthcare IT. Our aim is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all by integrating technology. Ultimately this is to result in high levels of comfort for patients and the best return on investment for all healthcare providers. We want to be best friends with our clients and end-users. Friends who stand by each another, in good times and bad."